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We track each student’s progress through our well-integrated service



ACTS公司多年来尽心尽力为海外留学生提供一流服务,并获得了国际优质服务的最高殊荣——英国AEGIS认证。AEGIS的全称为The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students(国际学生教育与监护协会),是英国唯一提供监护权认证的独立机构。AEGIS设定了极高的认证标准,被国际上公认为黄金标准,AEGIS制定了明确的儿童保护策略,通过多种方式对成员进行最高级别的培训和持续支持,对寄宿家庭以及与之合作的机构人员严格检查,以保护儿童法律中涉及到的每一个条款都能得到落实,保护海外留学生的安全和利益。通过将监护组织,学校和家长“聚集”在一起,确保了国际学生的福利。





A UK based educational service consultancy, targeting the top ten academic universities for overseas Chinese students, including students from HongKong and Taiwan. The aim is to help each student to maximize their potential and opportunity. This includes both the academic result and pastoral care. An authentic experience of a “top notch education” achieved by utilizing our tailor-made education service and our fully integrated after- service program.

Our approach recognizes that each person has their own unique talents and flaws and adapts the program to these individual needs. Our fully-integrated service helps young students with the enrolment into a carefully vetted group of elite boarding schools, eventually leading to a placement at a targeted university; our elite program helps our outstanding students to apply to the selected top UK universities and our Oxbridge program helps our exceptionally able and motivated students to be admitted to Oxbridge; Our high-end academic summer programs enable students to sample the true flavor of English boarding schools . We provide a complete cycle of service for students ranging from primary school, secondary school, sixth form(high school), undergraduate, post-graduate and PH.D program, from selection and application to performance monitoring and pastoral care, using UK based experts, backed by our unique in house student monitoring system. Each service is coupled with our after care package which encompasses pastoral care and after-service at each level of their educational journey.

ACTS has been doing its best to provide first-class services to overseas students for many years, and has won the highest award of international quality servicecertification--an AEGIS accreditation.AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) is the only independent institution in the UK that provides guardianship accreditation.AEGIS sets extremely high standards and is recognized internationally as the golden standard for safeguarding the welfare of international students studying in the UK, and has formulated a clear child protection strategy, providing members with the highest level of training and continuous support through a variety of programs, at the same time, providing support to host families and partner schools as well asconducting a strict inspection regime to ensure that every clause in the child protection law can be implemented to protect the safety and interests of overseas students. By ‘gathering’ guardianship organizations, schools and parents together, the oversea students’ welfare and safety is guaranteed.

We also provide consultation, help and support for Sino-UK academies to cooperate on teacher training, cultural exchange and subject matter development.

- We specialize in UK education service;

- We target the top ten UK universities;

- We track each student’s progress through our fully-integrated service;

- We are based in UK未标题-3.jpg